Welcome : Department of Theatre Arts

Welcome Address

The Department of Theatre Arts welcomes you to the centre of artistic excellence and hub of cultural activities on the campus. The discipline of Theatre Studies adopts a multi-disciplinary approach to intellectual scholarship. The Department welds the left hand of science with the right hand of art in its training programme. Students are welcome to take courses in the Department as may aid their creative talents and imagination. We welcome all students across faculties in the University to make use of our facilities in developing their creativity. The Department offers students training in skill building and entrepreneurship in Art Business. The growing entertainment and tourism industry in Nigeria enables the Department to provide the wherewithal for the understanding of the importance of performances in a multicultural setting. The Department is above all the most wholesome in the University as it embraces all comers into participation in productions done by the different students’ and lecturers’ group projects. The Arts Theatre is our laboratory where we experiment in performance practice. Other facilities in film production are also available for users who may need to put up shows as well as other variety programmes.