Welcome : Department of Religious Studies

Welcome Address


Professor Akpenpuun Dzurgba


Since 1948, Department of Religious studies has prepared men and women for a variety of services in Nigeria and around the world. The graduates of the Department are occupying important positions of leadership in the civil service, institutions of higher learning, agencies and business companies. In addition, our graduates are in important positions of leadership in many churches and are heads of many denominations both in Nigeria and other countries. Some are in the service of international organizations. The department is renowned for its academic excellence, character transformation and spiritual formation because each year seems to bring into the Department another class of outstanding persons, men and women, who are eager to be equipped in knowledge, wisdom, understanding, insight and creative skill. Thus, the students represent the group for whom the Department exists.

The Department is committed to serious academic work, a wide range of creative inquiry, a genuine depth of scholarship and constructive contribution to the frontiers of research in our time. In this context, the Department strives to be a true community of scholars.

The secular-divine nature of Religious Studies or Theological Studies demands the highest competence and the greatest commitment to truth. The Department seeks to facilitate academic growth of its students through teaching, research, publications and freedom of thought. The intention of the Department is that every graduate should be able to fulfill his or her career goal effectively and satisfactorily.

Finally, it is a pleasure and a privilege to be associated with the Department that has maintained a high standard of academic heritage since 1948. It has always been good news that our graduates have proved their outstanding competence in practical performance in a variety of employments in Nigeria and around the world. I believe that I have shared the sentiments of my colleagues.