Students' Association : Department of European Studies

Students' Association

Each unit of the Department has an active student organization namely the Cercle Français, the Deutshe Kreis and the Russian Club. The operations and functioning of these clubs are carried out by the students' elected representatives. The activities of the clubs offer the students valuable training in leadership. They are principally an avenue for the students to put into practice what they have learnt in the classroom. The clubs organize variety shows which feature songs, poems, drama sketches, debates, etc. The clubs also organize, from time to time, stimulating seminars and symposia on the political and socio-economic life of the countries which are subject of their studies, i.e. France, Germany and Russia.

All the students of the department come under the umbrella of Association of Modern European Languages (AMELS) now known as Association of Students of European Studies (ASES). This was founded in 1991 to present a stronger forum for addressing issues common to all students of the department.

The Clubs were active in organizing symposia on the political and economic life in France, Germany and the former Soviet Union in conjunction with the French, German and Russian Embassies. The Clubs publish collections of poems, short stories and articles on current affairs. The ASES Press Club is also very active in information dissemination.