Student's Association : Department of English


National Association of Students of English [NASELS], University of Ibadan branch, formerly known as Association of Students of English, [ASSEN], is the umbrella body of all students of English in the Premier University. The Association has been coordinating the affairs of students of the department since the inception of the University. Early this year, the branch, in conjunction with other university branches in the country established a formidable National Body, National Association of Students of English and Literary Studies (NASELS) and made University of Ibadan permanent National Secretariat. The University of Ibadan branch president is also the National President . The nature of erudition enjoyed from the academic staff of the department with fruitful relationship with the University community has been helpful in championing the socio-literary goals of the Association. The programmes enumerated below are part of the strategic interventions made by the Association:

  • Orientation Programme for the Fresh Students
  • NASELS-Heinemann Inter-Secondary School Debate
  • Intellectual Platform
  • Finalist Workshop
  • Emeritus Prof. Ayo Banjo Eminent Personality Lecture
  • Idoto Poetry Carnival
  • Inter-University Debate
  • NASELS' Week

Recently, the Association hosted an International Conference of Students of English and Literary Studies [ICOSELS 2006]. Over 400 participants came from various Nigerian universities and colleges of education.


President Nur-d-din Temitayo Busari 400 level

Vice President Olukayode Olalekan Aguda 400 level

General Secretary Imaobong Ufot Pius 300 level

Asst. General Secretary Gbotemi Temilola Ogunyemi 200 level

Treasurer Lateefah Bolade Olayiwola 400 level

Social Director Adebola Yetunde Ademidun 300 level

Sports Director Joseph Nwokoro Chimezie 200 level

Editor-in-Chief Timothy Bamgboye 300 level

Student Welfare

The Department is committed to the well being of its students. It continues to pursue this goal by assigning students to members of staff who offer them free advisory and counseling services in matters relating to their academic work and private circumstances.

The Department makes it a policy to encourage its students to participate inextra-curricular activities. Such activities are coordinated and supervised by a Staff Adviser who relates directly to the Head of Department over such matters. This way, it is believed, the students are able to imbibe the best of communal university life and to expose themselves to the enriching influence of a civilized organized social and intellectual milieu that the university offers.

Student Discipline

There are prescribed rules and regulations as well as codes of conduct that govern the activities of students in the university community. Such prescriptions touch on attendance and comportment at lectures, proper conduct during examinations, and compliance with accepted codes of conduct with the academic spheres of the faculty and university and in the various halls of residence. In the event of one or more of its students being arraigned before the Student Disciplinary Committee, the Department is normally represented to protect the interests of the student(s) concerned. Whatever the outcome of such appearance the student(s) is (are) given a chance to appeal against the decision of the Committee, using the appropriate channels for redress. Full details of matters relating to student discipline are available in the official student Handbook of the university. An extract from this document containing rules governing the conduct of examinations in the university is incorporated in this information brochure for easy reference.

Career Prospects

Graduates of the Department have continued to enrich the quality of the nation's manpower and, over the past half century. They are to be found in a variety of fields and professions, viz: Broadcasting, Journalism, Advertising, Publishing, Public Relations, Arts and Culture, Civil, and Private Administration, teaching and Research, Banking and Finance