Students' Association : Department of Classics

Students' Association


Classics students as a body come under the name ‘Hoi Phrontistai'. This student Association seeks to promote both socio-cultural and intellectual activities among the students. Annually, the students of the department elect their own executives who run the affairs of Hoi Phrontistai for a session. The executives have the mandate of the congress (comprising all the members of the Association) as much as they are responsible to it, to devise and execute programmes that touch social and academic aspects of the life of each member of the Association. Over the years, the Association has served to unite the student body, to build a child-parent relationship between lecturers and students and to give every member of the department a sense of belonging.


The present enrolment of undergraduate students is 77. Apart from this number, there are hundreds of students from other Faculties, particularly Law and Social Sciences, taking various courses offered by the department. There are 10 postgraduate students whose study involves carrying out sound academic researches that have demonstrated the relevance of Classics to contemporary issues and values. The scholars are expected to present seminars.


Students engage in a number of extra curricular activities, most of which are annual events. They include Orientation programme for First-year students of the department (which affords some of the ‘freshers' opportunity to interact with fellow students and lecturers), Oratory competition and the Interdepartmental debate competition. Other programmes are Excursions to historical sites, especially within the country, and the Dinner/Award. An organ of Hoi Phrontistai, Classics Press Club write articles, poems, songs, jokes, events around the campus and beyond, which are published weekly on the press board. In sports, especially football, the department is a force to reckon with. From time to time, arrangements are made for playing chess, basketball, volleyball and cricket. Some of our students have represented the University at the games of all Nigerian Universities ( NUGA)

In politics, Hoi Phrontistai members have pursued their political ambitions outside the department.. A member had served as the President of the Faculty students' Association; others as Electoral committee Chairman at the Faculty level, the Chairman at the Faculty's Council of presidents and secretaries, Clerk of the House of Representatives,Chief Whip and Sport Director. Classics students enjoy a vibrant academic environment, and confident of our invaluable Classical heritage, we will surely remain primus inter pares.