HOD's Profile : Department of Linguistics And African Languages

Dr Adejumo A.G.


Academic and Professional Qualifications

B.A(Hons), M.A, PhD (Ife)


 Area of Specialisation


Department of Linguistics and African Languages, University of Ibadan, Nigeria.



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Research Projects/Activities
In Progress

  1. “A Survey of Gender Sensitivity and Consciousness in the Performance of Yorùbá Satirical Songs”.
  2. “Creation and Recreation Processes in Yorùbá Oral Poetic Performance”.

Dissertation and Thesis

  1. Olufajo, A.G. (1988). “Ìwà Òdaràn Nínú Ìtàn Àrosọ Ọtẹlẹ̀múyẹ́” M.A Thesis, Ọbafẹmi Awolọwọ University, Ile-Ifẹ.
  2. ẹ̀fẹ̀ Nínú Àsàyàn Eré Onítàn Yorùbá” Ph.D Thesis Ọbafẹmi Awolọwọ University, Ile Ife.'Olufajọ,A.G. (1995) “Ìs