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 Ademola Omobewaji DASYLVA



Academic and Professional Qualifications

B.A. Hons (Ife), M.A. (Ife), PhD (Ibadan)




Area of Specialisation

Poet and Biographer, Literary Theorist and Critic


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Dean's Office, Faculty of Arts,

University of Ibadan.

Department of English,

University of Ibadan.

Tel: +234(0) 802-350-4755, 706-226-4090, 807-071-0050

E-mail: [email protected]

            [email protected]

Research Projects/Activities


(a)     Completed
          Dapo Adelugba On Theatre Practice in Nigeria
          This is a part-product of an on-going research project. A book with this title has now been published.

(b)      Research in Progress

(i)        Theatre Practitioners on Theatre Practice in Nigeria.

(ii)       Yoruba Festival Chants: Towards a Poetics of Recitation.


Dissertation and Thesis

  1. Ph.D (African Literature): Toward a New Taxonomy of the Hero in the African Novel (1994) University of Ibadan, Ibadan.
  2. M.A. (Literature in English): Art, Audience and Society in Kole Omotoso Fiction (1984) University of Ife (now Obafemi Awolowo University, Ife, Ile-Ife).



(a) Books already published

  1. Dasylva, A. O. (2006a) Songs of Odamolugbe (Poems) Ibadan: Kraft Book Griots Series, Kraft Book Publishers, pp. 113 - (February 2006 ANA/Cadbury National Award-winner for Poetry)
  2. Dasylva, A. O. and O. B. Jegede (2005a), Studies in Poetry Ibadan: Stirling-Hordens Publishers. (225+pp)
  3. Dasylva, A.O. (2004a) Studies in Drama Ibadan: Stirling-Horden Publishers (198pp.) (NIGERIA) 
  4. Owolabi, Kola & Dasylva, A.O. (Eds.) (2004b) Forms and Functions of English and Indigenous Languages in Nigeria: A Festschrift in Honour of Ayo Banjo Ibadan: Citi Group Publishers. (726pp, NIGERIA)                            
  5. Dasylva, A.O. (2003) Dapo Adelugba On Theatre Practice in Nigeria Ibadan:  Atlantis Books. (307pp., NIGERIA).
  6. Dasylva, A.O. (1996) Understanding Wole Soyinka: Death and the King Horseman. Ibadan:  Sam Bookman Publishers. (92+pp) (NIGERIA)


(b) Chapters in Books already published

  1. Dasylva, A.O. (2010) Toward National Psychic Retrieval: The Omoluwabi Concept and the Enduring Legacy of Toyin Falola Scholarship in Niyi Afolabi (ed.) Toyin Falola: The Man, the Mask, the Muse. Durham: Carolina Academic Press. Pp 303-320.
  2. Dasylva, A.O. (2010) The Archivist as Muse: Toyin Falola Experimentation with the Alternative History in A mouth Sweeter than Salt in Niyi Afolabi (ed.) Toyin Falola: The Man, the Mask, the Muse. Durham: Carolina Academic Press. Pp. 735-752.
  3. Dasylva, A.O. (2009) Modern African Drama and the Emergence of Femi Osofisan (Neo-Rationalist) Theater: Towards a Poetics in Tunde Akinyemi and Toyin Falola (eds.) Emerging Perspectives on Femi Osofisan. Trenton: Africa World Press, Inc.,pp 263-282.
  4. Dasylva, A.O. (2007) Playing with History, Playing with Words: Ngugi and Mugo The Trial of Dedan Kimathia in Mala Pandurang (ed.) Ngugi wa Thiong.o: An Anthology of Recent Criticism New Delhi: Pencraft International. pp. 202-212 (INDIA)


(c)  Articles that have already appeared in Refereed Conference Proceedings:

  1. Dasylva, A.O. & Oriaku, R.(2010) Trends in the Nigerian Auto/biography. History Compass, 8, 303-319, Wiley Online library DOI:<
  2. Dasylva, A.O. (2008) Transculturation and Cultural Correspondences in Contemporary African Drama in Toyin Falola, Niyi Afolabi, & Aderonke A. Adesanya (eds.) Migrations and Creative Expressions in Africa and the African Diaspora Carolina Academic Press. (pp. 377-395)   (USA
  3. Dasylva, A.O. (2001b) Orality, Con-textuality and Continuity in Nigeria in Russell Kaschula (Ed.) African Oral Literature: Functions in Contemporary Contexts. Cape Town: New Africa Books, pp. 181-190. (SOUTH AFRICA)

 (d) Articles that have already appeared in learned Journals

  1. Dasylva, A.O. (2007) Identity and Memory in Omoboyode Arowa Oriki Performance in (Yoruba) Ekiti Dialect. African and Asian Studies A A S Vol.6 no. 1-2, pp.173 -200
  2. Dasylva, A. O. (2006b) Popular Culture and Populist Aesthetics in Kole Omotoso Novels. YORUBA: Journal of the Yoruba Studies Association of Nigeria, Vol.3 No. 2, pp. 40-61(NIGERIA)
  3. Dasylva, A.O. (2006c) Cross-Cultural Influences and Correspondences in Contemporary Nigerian Drama. ES REVIEW: REVISTA DE FILOLOGIA INGLESA, No.27, 2006-2007 pp. 23-38 (SPAIN)
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  5. Dasylva, A.O. (2005b) The Writer and the Phases of Conflict in Africa.” UFAHAMU Volume 31 Issue 3. pp.114-147 (USA)  [email protected])
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Journal Articles Accepted for Publication

  1. Dasylva, A. O. (Oct. 2005c) Inter(Con-)Textual Migrations: Traditional Epic Hero and Phases of Transformation in the African Novel (KRE) Journal of Social Sciences. (INDIA)

Technical Reports and/or Monographs

  1. Oduneye Bayo; Dasylva, A.O. & Ogundeji, P.A. (2003) A Commissioned Review/Assessment Report on UNICEF / Theatre Arts Dept., University of Ibadan, Theatre For Development(Tfd)/Child Survival Program (CSP) Nation wide Project (1998-2003). I coordinated this project and contributed about 70% of the work. (UNICEF/UNITED NATIONS)
  2. Dasylva, A. O. (1999b) Classificatory Paradigms in African Oral Narrative. ISESE MONOGRAPH SERIES (42pp.) ICSG (IBADAN, NIGERIA)

Other Publications

  1. Dasylva, A.O. (2008) Democracy, Insurrections & Management for Political Stability at Local Government Level in Nigeria Journal of Issues on African Development, vol.1, pp.10-15

(Creative Works)

  1. Dasylva, A.O. (2000) Globalization (poem) in  DRUMVOICES Poetic Voices of Contemporary  Urban Cultures Nos. 1&2.(Fall) p. 225 (USA)
  2. Dasylva, A.O. (1996a) Refuge-E (poem) in Awaken to a Dream Kent: The International Library of Poetry. (USA)
  3. Dasylva, A.O. (1996b) Arrogance (poem) in Jewels of the Imagination Kent: The International Library of Poetry. (USA)
  4. Dasylva, A.O. (1996c) Plant a Tree (poem) in OKIKE An African Journal of New Writing No. 34, p. 99. (NSUKKA, NIGERIA)


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