Academic Programm


(i)         For 4 years B.A Programme in Music:

Candidates must have at least five ‘O’ level papers, including English. Grade 5 Theory certificate from a recognized music examination body or its equivalent will be an added advantage. JAMB subjects to include music.

(ii)        For the 3 year B.A Programme in Music

Candidates must have at least five papers, including English Language plus a Diploma in Music from Universities or other recognized institutions.


The National Certificate of Education (NCE Music) provided there is a credit in English language at the ordinary level of GCE.


Any good university degree or HND in any field with Grade VI Music Certificate (from ABRSM and other recognized examination bodies)

(iii) Candidates must pass Departmental Audition



(1)        Instruction in the Faculty shall be provided through courses, with each course being evaluated in terms of course units per semester. A course unit is defined as one lecture or tutorial hour per week, or three hours of laboratory or practical class work per week, or any equivalent amount of assigned study or practical experience or combination of these.


(ii)        Courses have been divided into different categories, designated as compulsory, required or Elective. These terms are explained as follows:

Compulsory:                A course specified by the department, which a student must take and pass;

Required:                    A course specified by the department which a student must take, and in which he must score at least 40%;

Elective:                      A course specified by the department (within the department or outside), which a student may take in order to make up the additional units needed for the award of the degree.

Other terms used as follows:

Prerequisite:                A course which must be taken prior to taking another specified course;

Concurrent:                 A course which a student must take with, and during the same semester as, another specified course.


(i)         To qualify for B.A. Degree, students are expected to take a combination of courses from all the categories mentioned above.

(ii)        They are expected to complete the registration for these courses at the beginning of the semester, within a specific time prescribed by Faculty.  However, after this, students are allowed delete or add other courses, provided this done within six weeks of the commencement of lectures.

(iii)       The minimum number of course units for the award of a degree shall be – 120 units. Out of these, a student must register for a minimum of 30 units, and a maximum of 36 units, per session. For Direct entry 90 units shall be needed for the award of degree.

(iv)       In addition, all students must register for, and pass, 9 units of general students programme (GES) course, including the Use of English, 6 of these 9 units must be registered for at the 100 level.

(v)        A Long Essay, usually taken in the final year of the degree programme, is normally part of the departmental requirement of each discipline.

(vi)       All courses taught during each semester shall be examined at the end of that semester, and students shall be credited with the number of course assigned to such courses.

(vii)      In determining the final degree, all the courses taken by the student, whether failed or passed, shall be taken into consideration.

(viii)     The degree will be award with honours, if the student obtains a Grade Point Average that is not less than 1.50, and satisfies other minimum honours requirements.

(ix)       The normal period of student for the award of an honours degree shall be eight semesters.

(x)        A student who has taken more than one academic year in excess of the approved minimum period of study to complete the degree programme shall not normally be eligible for an honours classification.  He or she can only obtain a Pass degree.  Thus the maximum number of semesters for an honours degree shall be 10 for a 4-year programme, or 8, for a 3-year programme.

(xi)       All the same the maximum period for even a Pass Degree in faculty shall be 14 semesters.

(xii)      Any student who transfers from another Faculty at this university shall be credited with those units obtained that are relevant to the curriculum of the Faculty of Arts.

(xiii)     Transfer student from other universities shall be expected to have passed all the relevant compulsory and required courses of this university or their equivalents.  All courses taken from the former university shall be converted according to the regulations approved by Senate.  But no transfer and no admission shall be made beyond the 300 level.

(xiv)     A student shall be warned or required to withdraw from the Faculty if he fails to achieve the following minimum standards;

100 level:        Students with less than 15 units will get warning;

                        Students with less than 10 units will be asked to withdraw;

200 level:         Students with less than 30 units will get a warning;

                        Students with less than 20 units will be asked to withdraw;

300 level:         Students with less than 45 units will be asked to withdraw.




            The grade used in the Faculty for students who successfully complete their courses at the end of the semester shall be as follows;

            Mark                            Grade Point                             Latter Grade  

            70 and above                          7                                              A

            65-69                                       6                                              A-

            60-64                                       5                                              B+

            55-59                                       4                                              B

            50-54                                       3                                              B-

            45-49                                       2                                              C+

            40-44                                       1                                              C

              0-39                                       0                                              D 



            The list of candidates who are successful in the degree examination sheet published with the following classifications: First Class Honours, Second Class Honours (Upper, Lower Division). Third Class Honours, and Pass. These classifications shall be determined by the final Cumulative Grade Point Average (CPGA), as follows:

            6.0 and above              First Class Honours

            4.6-5.9                         Second Class Upper

            2.6-4.5                         Second Class Lower

            1.6-2.5                         Third Class Honours

            1.0-1.5                         Pass


However, with effect from 2016/2017 academic session, the University will adopt the 4-Point Grading System in line with the recommendation of the National Universities Commission (NUC) and in other to align with other universities worldwide. Under the new arrangement, the points, approximating percentage scores in the University of Ibadan would be as stated below:


Percentage Score       Letter Grades            Grade Point              

70-100                                     A                                 4

60-69                                       B                                 3

50-59                                       C                                 2

45-49                                       D                                 1

0-44                                         E                                  0


The CGPA range for classification of degrees under the new 4-Point Grading System is as follows:


            Cumulative Grade Point      Class of Degree

                        3.5-4.00                                   First Class Honours

                        3.0 to 3.49                               Second Class Honours (Upper Division)

                        2.0 to 2.99                               Second Class Honours (Lower Division)

                        1.0 to 1.99                               Third Class Honours

                        < 1.0                                        Fail


E.        Minimum Requirements

The following are the minimum number of units that students in the Faculty are obliged to register for in any year. This means that students may, and indeed are encouraged to, register for more units than the required minimum.  However, it should be noted that, under the new Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) system, all the units registered for, (including even those not passed), will be used in determining the final degree.



  1. 4-Year Programme

                                                Internal          External         GES                Total

100 Level                                14                    12                    5                      31

200 Level                                20                    7                     5                      32

300 & 400 Levels                    35                    18                    4                      57

            Total                           69                    37                    14                    120



3-Year Programme


                                                Internal          External         GES                Total

200 Level                                20                    8                     5                      33

300 & 400 Levels                    35                    13                    9                      57

            Total                           55                    21                    14                    90




Single Honours 4-Year Programme

100 Level:

Compulsory Courses:          

MUS 111(3), MUS 121 (3), GES 101 (3), GES 107 (2)                                =          11 Units

Required Courses:   

MUS 114 (2), MUS 119 (2), MUS 123 (2), MUS 124 (2)                             =          8 Units


200 Level:

Compulsory Courses:

MUS 211 (3), MUS 221 (3), GES 201 (3), GES 104 (2)                               =         11 Units

Required Courses:   

MUS 212 (2), MUS 213 (2), MUS 214 (2), MUS 216 (2),

MUS 222 (2), MUS 224    (2), MUS 226 (2)                         `                       =          14 Units

300 Level:

Compulsory Courses:          

MUS 318 (3), MUS 312 (3), GES 301 (2), GES 105 (2)                               =          10 Units

Required Courses:   

MUS 311 (2), MUS 313 (2), MUS 314 (2),

MUS 316 (2), MUS 321 (2), MUS 324 (2),                                                   =          12 Units


400 Level:

Compulsory Courses: MUS 430 (6)                                                               =          6 Units

Required Courses:       MUS 416 (3), MUS 426 (3),

And any of [MUS 410 or 411 or 414 or 419] (3)                                             =         9 Units


Single Honours 3-Year Programme


200 Level:

Compulsory Courses:          

MUS 211 (3), MUS 221 (3), GES 201 (3), GES 104 (2)                               =         11 Units

Required Courses:   

MUS 212 (2), MUS 213 (2), MUS 214 (2), MUS 216 (2),

MUS 222 (2), MUS 224 (2), MUS 226 (2)                                                    =          14 Units


300 Level:

Compulsory Courses:          

MUS 318 (3), MUS 312 (3), GES 301 (3), GES 105 (2)                               =          10 Units

Required Courses:   

MUS 311 (2), MUS 313 (2), MUS 314 (2),

MUS 316 (2), MUS 321 (2), MUS 324 (2)                                                    =          12 Units


400 Level:

Compulsory Courses:          

MUS 430 (6), GES 301 (2), GES 105 (2)                                                      =          10 Units

Required Courses:   

MUS 416 (3), MUS 426 (3),

And any of [MUS 410 or 411 or 414 or 419] (3)                                           =          9 Units