Academic Programme : Department of Arabic and Islamic studies


At present, the Department offers the following Degree Programmes at the Undergraduate and Postgraduate levels:

B.A Arabic Language and Literature

B.A. Arabic and Islamic Studies (Combined)

B.A. Islamic Studies

M.A. Arabic Language and Literature

M.A. Islamic Studies

 M. Phil. and Ph.D. in Arabic/Islamic Studies


In view of the contemporary challenges facing humanity as a whole the challenges of globalization/ localization, informatics and cybernetics and having assessed and re-examined its current status vis-à-vis the factors that led to its establishment over four decades ago the Department came to the conclusion that its vision must be driven by the need to have a department which will:

i be relevant to the “ gown and town”

ii. serve as a catalyst for change and development.

iii. produce leadership in and serve as a store-house for knowledge

iv. promote Nigeria’s Islamic identity to the outside world

v. assuage the thirst and hunger of critical mass of Nigeria’s Muslim population for purposeful and responsive scholarship and intellectual direction, mentoring and guidance.

vi. establish strategic links and connections with relevant groups, private, governmental and international agencies for the realization of this vision and following from the foregoing the mission of the Department is to sustain:

“A department whose staff is dynamic, progressive, responsive and proactive and whose capability at moving the Nigerian society forward through knowledge generation/acquisition, distribution and dissemination will be above par..”