Dr. Obakhena R.E.



Dr. Obakhena R. E.|agric.ui.edu.ng| University of Ibadan



Academic and Professional Qualifications

B. A  (Nsukka ), M.A (Nsukka), Ph.D (Ibadan)



 Lecturer I


Area of Specialisation


 Linguistics and African Languages



Department of Linguistics and African Languages, University of Ibadan. Ibadan


Tel: 07065370354 and 08079917701







(i) Completed

(a)  (Chi Nwe Agha) A Post-Structuralist Approach To The literary study of Igbo written Poems: A case study of Emenanjo and Onwuchekwa’s Poems. Research done with U.I. 2006 Research grant SRG/FA/2006/12A. This book will go a long way into promoting the teaching and learning of Igbo Literature, Igbo stylistics, basic grammar and Igbo ethos. A paper is attached which explains more the importance of the book which is about 225 pages.

(b) A comparative study of Onyekaonwu’s Nwata Rìe Awò and Osuagwu’s Nwa Ngwii Puo Eze.

(c)  “MeÌ€chie Onū Obele Nnwa”: A short Igbo Play for 100 level students and L2 Language learners in tertiary institutions with Yoruba and Hausa versions.

(d) “Nǹyocha Nkemakolam̀, Nke Ezuma dèrè”. An appraisal of the Poem ‘Nkem̀akolam’ written by Ezuma.

(e)  Language and style in Ubesie’s Novel

(f)   Aesthetic features of Igbo War Poems: A case study of Obienyem’s ‘Obi Oku GbaÌ€rà’.


(ii) In Progress

(a)  Characteristics of Igbo Drama. This study which was started two years ago will aid the Igbo students see the difference between video plays and theatre plays.

(b) A study of Igbo traditional market days. This study commenced 3 years ago. It will be compared with Yoruba market days to aid merchants who will trade with both Igbo and Yoruba people.


(iii) Dissertation and Thesis

Nwanze, R.E. (1987) ‘A Comparative Study of Igbo and Hausa Folktales: A Case Study of Nkwelle Ezunaka and Zaria Traditions’. M.A. Thesis, UNN. It promotes Nigerian Oral Literatures.


Nwanze, R.E. (1982) ‘Features of Igbo folktales;, B.A. Project UNN. This is meant to make the study of the folktales more academic.


Obakhena R.E. (Mrs.) A Post Structuralist Approach to The Literary study of Igbo written poems: A case study of Emenanjo and Onwuchekwa, Poems – PhD attempted 1994-1996, U.I., 2001-2004 UNN.




Nwanze R.E 1981 Encourage Young African Writers.  Nigeria: Enugu, Daily Star 26th Sept 1981.

Nwanze, R.E. (nd). A comparative study of Nolue Emenanjo’s Aririo and Ubesie’s Okokporo, Anambra State, Deo Gratias Ihiala. This pamphlet is prepared to promote analysis of Igbo written poems.


Nwanze, R.E. (1991) Mùa Ìgbò, Igbo Grammar for Language Students. Inward Publishers, Marina, Lagos. The book is meant to promote Stylistics in our Universities


Nwanze, R.E. trans (nd). Akiko Màkà Maria Gorreti Di Aso, Na Fada Damien Enyi Ndi Lepa. Anambra: Deo Gratias, This book adds to the number of good prose works used in Igbo. It entertains and teaches good morals.

Obakhena Regina E. 1999. FIFA and Cultural Values. Nigeria: Daily Times

Obakhena, Regina E. (2000) The Aesthetic Features in Onwuchekwa’s Poems Castalia Vol. 5 December, pp. 85-94


Obakhena, Regina E. (2000) No Humanism, No. Successful Creativity, Castalia 4/11. pp. 125-126.


Obakhena, Regina Ed. (2001) Òlìsà Amaka: An Anthology of Igbo Written Poems. English Version Inclusive for both L1 and L2 Language Students Ibadan: Claverianum Centre. This anthology is translated into English Language to enable the second language learners use it with ease. It will go a long way into improving appreciation of Igbo poems. Thus, it has both Igbo and English versions of Igbo written poems.


Obakhena, Regina E. (2002) Appraisal of Adammā (English version Inclusive) Nigeria: JACON Pub. Ibadan 2002. This pamphlet is meant to aid Students in making comprehensive appraisal of Igbo poems written in indigenous language.


Obakhena, Regina E. (2003) Scheme of Work for L1 & L2 Igbo Proficiency Students. Nigeria: Claverianum Pub., Ibadan.


Obakhena, Regina E. (2005) NUC and Indigenous Literature in Nigeria Universities, Catholic Independent. Ibadan, Claverianum Centre. Sept 11, 2005 p. 11


Obakhena, Regina E. (2006) Derecognition of Race and Religion in Any Headcount Is A Political Blunder.  Independent, Ibadan, Claverianum Centre 29th March, 2006.


Obakhena, Regina E. (2006) Religion And Race Are Relevant Data In A Census, II.  Independent (Catholic), Ibadan: Claverianum Centre, March 5, 14.


Obakhena, Regina E. (2006) Two Forces: Ibadan, Claverianum Press Centre Publishers. This book is an Igbo drama written in English. It has Igbo background and the theme touches on re-branding of our youths especially as regards neglect of examination rules. It is used in LII 392: Igbo Culture and African Literature.


Obakhena, Regina E. (2006) Sanitize Ph.D Programme In Nigeria Indigenous  Literature, Grammar and Ethos (Catholic) Independent, Ibadan: Claverianum Centre, Oct. 15. P. 11. 


Obakhena, Regina E. (2009) Encourage December Homecoming (Catholic) Independent, Ibadan: Claverianum Centre, June 7, p. 9.


Obakhena, Regina E. (2009) (Chinwe Agha) A Post Structuralist Approach To The Literary Study of Igbo Written Poems: A case study of Emenanjo and Onwuchekwa’s Poems. Ibadan, Alofe (Nig.) Press. This is a book of 255 (two hundred and fifty five pages). It exposes the beauty in applying theories in analysis of Igbo written poems. It also touches a lot on Igbo study from European era till date. It is used to bring out the humane aspects of Igbo culture to limelight. It is for every age.


Obakhena, Regina E. (2010) Retiring at Sixty. Catholic Independent Ibadan, Claverianum Press Centre  Publishers.