Dr Jegede O.B.

Dr. Olutoyin Bimpe Jegede

Birth date: 1958-08-14


Department of English

Faculty of Arts

University of Ibadan


Telephone number: +2348034743182

E-Mail address: [email protected]


Educational Institutions attended with dates:

  • Obafemi Awolowo University, Ife. 1978 -1981
  •  Obafemi Awolowo University, Ife. 1983 -1985
  •  University of Ibadan. 1995 -1998
  •  University of Ibadan. 1998 - 2002

Academic and Professional Qualifications with dates:

  • B.A. ( Hons ) English, 1981
  •  M.A. Lit- in- English 1985
  •  M.A. English (Literature Emphasis), 1998
  •  Ph.D English ( Literature Emphasis), 2002
  •  British Council Certificate of attendance in Reading Facilitation skills, 1994.
  •  British Council Certificate in Advanced Reading Facilitation Skills, 1995.



Work Experience outside the University System with dates:

  • Teacher (NYSC), St. Leo's High School, Onikoko, Abeokuta. August 1981 - July 1982.
  • Lecturer, Oyo State College of Arts and Science, Ile - Ife October 1982 - February 1990.
  • Education Officer, School of Science, Ile - Ife, March 1990 - February 1991.

Work Experience in other Universities with date:

Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife-1991-2006






My research focus has been on the symbiotic relationship between oral and written traditions in modern African writing; and the creative power of the African woman within both traditions.




FIRST: Documentation of women's poetry in South West Nigeria.

SECOND: Pressure group politics and the culture of begging in Nigeria.


Women Studies, Oral Literature, Reading, History, Political Science, Christian Religious Studies.



Modern African Literature is a dynamic area of literary scholarship. Although it is written in English, it is enriched by African sensibility, culture and world view. Besides, it responds to the peculiar reality of the writers immediate environment. My works have given necessary attention to how oral tradition has enriched modern African Literature in this diverse ways.


I have focused on modern African Literature as a unique product of African oratory and western literary traditions. My works have touched on themes, techniques and cultural meanings which are portrayed in specific texts. My studies on praise poetry in Nigeria, family literacy and the novel and literature in Nigerian mother tongues, among others have provided an understanding of the symbiotic relationship between oracy and literacy in Modern African literature.In an attempt to reposition oral literature and show its relevance to written literature, one of my publications examined the teaching of oral literature in the Nigerian School system with a view to making it more socially acceptable and better positioned to contribute to the writing of modern African literature. Besides, in my Ph.D research work, I was able to re-appraise the beauties of court poetry.


The need to relocate Nigerian women in literature and show their relevance to both oral and written literature in an age of high technology and globalization has opened up a vast new area of research into aspects of orature which are performed by women. In this regard, I have produced five articles in learned journals at home and abroad. My current research efforts are intended to show that orature as a veritable source of written literature remains untapped. My efforts will contribute to our understanding of African literature in general through the examination of orature in written texts. Besides, my involvement in the use of literature in the English classroom has enriched the teaching of English in the school curriculum.





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Published Articles (numbered chronologically in the following format-Surname, Initials, Year, Title of Articles, Journal, Volume (No): first-last page:


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Distinctions and Awards with dates:

  • Scholarships: Federal Government Scholarship, 1984.
  • (Fellowships: University of South Africa, Pretoria.-Programme for African Doctoral Students, 2000.
  • Research Grants: International Development in Africa Reading Grant 2005.

National Awards: Obafemi Awolowo University English and Literary Student's Award of Excellence,1995.



  • Member, International Society for Oral Literature in Africa.
  • Member, International Reading Association.
  • Member, Association of Nigeria Authors
  • Fellow, British Council of Nigeria.
  • Member, Reading Association of Nigeria.
  • Member, Whole Language Umbrella of Nigeria

International Awards: Great Woman of the 21st Century Award by the American Biographical Institute 2004.

Other information


(Name of conference, dates, venue, paper presented if any):

  • Proverb in Africa Conference ,Obafemi Awolowo University Ile- Ife, 1st -5th August,2006.Jegede, O.B. Proverbs and Postproverbials in Selected Nigerian Writings.
  • Nigerian English Studies Association Conference, Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife,7th-10th Sept, 2005.Jegede, O. B. Using Literature to Enhance Literacy Acquisition in Nigerian Universities
  • Gender and Paternity in the Modern Age, Dean Walters Building, Liverpool John Mores University, Liverpool. 30th June - 3rd July 2003. Jegede, O.B. Fathers and Father figure in African Literature.
  • 13th International Whole Language Conference, Hyatt Regency Hotel, Bethesda, Maryland, USA. 25th - 28th July 2002. Jegede, O.B. Problems and Prospects of Teaching Literature - in - English in Nigeria.
  • International Leadership Conference, Hyatt Regency Hotel, Virginia, Reston USA, 13th - 16th July 2001. Jegede, O.B. Successful Partnership Among Councils.
  • International Comparative Literature Association: Programme for African Doctoral Students, University of South Africa, Pretoria, 7th - 11th August 2000. Jegede, O.B. Court Poetry: Traditional And Performance in Nigeria
  • 12th International Society for the History of Rhetorics Conference, Vrije University, Amsterdam, 12th - 17th July, 1999. Jegede, O.B. The Techniques and Histrionics of Oral Performance in Africa.
  • Third International Conference of Poets, University of Coimbra, Portugal, 7th - 10th June 1998.
  • Poetry and History Conference University of Stirling 27th -30th Jun 1996. Panegyric Poetry: The Meeting Point for History and Politics in African Oral Poetry.
  • 1996 Centre Seminar, Centre for Research in Social Studies, University of Coimbra, Portugal, 7th Nov., 1996 Jegede, O.B. The Role of Literature in Society: The Case of Yoruba Oriki.
  • 10th Oxford Conference on Literature Teaching Overseas, Corpus Christi College, Oxford 2nd - 8th April, 1995. Jegede, O.B. The Teaching of Literature in Nigeria.
  • British Council Sponsored Training of Trainers workshop on Advanced Reading Facilitation Skills 1995.
  • British Council Sponsored Training of Trainers Workshop on Reading Facilitation Skills 1994.