Prof. Ogunsiji O.A.

Personal data

Prof. Opoola Ayotunde Ogunsiji


Department of English

Faculty of Arts

University of Ibadan


Telephone number: +2348033939032

E-Mail address: [email protected]



  • University of Jos, Jos. 1979-1983
  • University of Ibadan, Ibadan . 1988-1990
  • University of Ibadan , Ibadan. 1996-2002


  • B.Ed English, 1983, University of Jos.
  • M.A English Language, 1990, University of Ibadan.
  • PhD English Language, 2002, University of Ibadan.


  • Teachers? Grade II, 1978
  • B.Ed English, 1983


Books already published:

  • Ogunsiji, Ayo and Olasunkanmi, Yemi (2000) Functional English for Schools and Colleges. Ibadan:Hope Publications. 153pp.
  • Alo, Moses and Ogunsiji, Ayo (2004) English Language Communication Skills for Academic Purposes (eds) University of Ibadan: General Studies Programme (GSP) Unit. 326pp.

Chapters in Books already published:

  • Ogunsiji, Ayo (2000) ?Introductory Semantics?. In Babajide, A. (ed) Studies in English Language Ibadan: Enicrownfit Publishers. Pp 43-59.
  • Ogunsiji, Ayo (2001) ?Utilitarian dimensions of language in Nigeria?. In Igboanusi, H (ed) Language Attitude and Language Conflict in West Africa. Ibadan: Enicrownfit Publishers. Pp 152-164.
  • Ogunsiji, Ayo and Adeoye, Yinka (2005) ?Language and Communication in the Traditional African Society: The Yoruba Example?. In Ajayi S. Ademola (ed) African Culture and Civilisation. Ibadan: Atlantis Books in Association with Ibadan Cultural Studies Group, pp 332-344.
  • Ogunsiji, Ayo and Osundina, Tawa (2005) ?Greetings in Nigerian English: A Sociolinguistic Overview.? In Dada, A; Abimbade, A and Kolawole, O (eds) Issues in Language, Communication and Education (A Book of Reading in Honour of Caroline A. Okedara) Ibadan: Counstellation Books, pp. 125-138.
  • Ogunsiji, Ayo (2002) ?A Speech Act Analysis of Soyinka?s ?ETIKE REVO WETIN?? In Babatunde, S and Adeyanju, D (eds) Language, Meaning and Society. Ilorin: Haytee Press pp 209 ? 223.
  • Ogunsiji, Ayo (2003) ?Developing EL2 Learners? Communicative Competence through Literature in English?. In Oyeleye, L and Olateju, M (eds) Readings in Language and Literature. Ile ? Ife: Obafemi Awolowo University Press pp 127 ? 136.
  • Ogunsiji, Ayo (2004) ?(Con)Textual Meaning in Wole Soyinka?s ?Faction??. In Owolabi, K and Dasylva, A. (eds) Forms and Functions of English and Indigenous Languages in Nigeria (A Festchrift in Honour of Ayo Banjo). Ibadan: Group Publishers. Pp 646 ? 669. (10.) Ogunsiji, Ayo (2004) ?Status, Features and Functions of English in Nigeria and their Implications for EL2 Teaching/Learning?. In Oyeleye, Lekan (ed) Language and Discourse in Society. Ibadan: Hope Publications. Pp 83 ? 97.

Articles that have already appeared in Learned Journals:

  • Ogunsiji, Ayo (1990) ?The Effects of the Present Economic and Political Situation on the English Language in Nigeria?. In Journal of the Nigeria English Studies Association (JNESA) 10(2), PP 51-57.
  • Ogunsiji, Ayo (1992) ?Lexical Clues to Thematic Development in Adebowale?s The Virgin?. In OYE: Ogun Journal of Arts, 5 pp45-52.
  • Ogunsiji, Ayo (1994) ?Prestige and Communicative Competence in Nigerian English?. In Ekpoma Journal of Language and Literary Studies (EJOLIS). 7 pp 1-10.
  • Ogunsiji, Ayo (1998) ?The English Language in Nigeria and the Issue of National Integration and Stability?. In Arts and Social Sciences Forum Journal 1(3), pp 28-32.
  • Ogunsiji, Ayo (1999) ?Aspects of the Lexical Designs of the Language of the Nigeria Police?. In Context: Journal of Social & Cultural Studies 3 (2), pp 34-46. (This is the 6th issue of the Journal and the Journal has now reached volume 6).
  • Ogunsiji, Ayo (2001) ?Aspects of Phono-Graphological Design in Wole Soyinka?s ?Faction??. In IRORO (Journal of Arts, Ambrose Alli University, Ekpoma) 8 (1&2), pp 269-279.
  • Ogunsiji, Ayo (2004)?Soyinka, Wole 1934 ??. In Encyclopedia of African History. New York: Taylor & Francis Books Inc.
  • Ogunsiji, Ayo (2004) ?Developing the Basic Language Skills for Communicative Competence in Learners of English as a Second Language in Nigeria.? In Ibadan Journal of English Studies vol. 1. pp. 19-34.
  • Ogunsiji, Ayo (2005) ?Apposition and Transitivity as Narrative Strategies in Soyinka?s Ake, Isara and Ibadan?. In Journal of the Nigeria English Studies Association 11(1) pp 24-37.
  • Ogunsiji, Ayo (2006) ?Attitudinal Meaning in Soyinka?s Ake, Isara and Ibadan?. In De Taalkundige Le Linguiste vol. 52.

Books, Chapters in Books and Articles already accepted for publications:

  • Ogunsiji, Ayo ?Teaching English as Communication in an EL2 Context: An Overview.? Accepted for Publication in Papers in English and Liguistics vol. 5 (forthcoming) Department of English, Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife.
  • Ogunsiji, Ayo ?The Lexico-Semantics of Nigerian English: A Revisit?. Accepted for publication in Ife Studies in English (forthcoming), Department of English, Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife.



  • Federal Government of Nigeria Academic Merit Award, 1981/82; 1982/83.
  • Professor Lassa?s prize for the best student in the Faculty of Education, University of Jos, Jos. 1983.
  • University of Jos Prize for the best student in the Faculty of Education, University of Jos, Jos. 1983.


  • Member, Nigeria English Studies Association (NESA).
  • Member, National Association of Lecturers of English for Academic Purposes (NALEAP).
  • Member, National Association of Teachers of English in Colleges of Education and Polytechnics (NATECEP).
  • Member, National Association for the Promotion of Studies in Arts and Social Sciences (NAPSASS).
  • Supervisor, GES 101: Use of English (2003 to May 2006).
  • Member, Senate Committee on General Studies Programme (2003 to May 2006).
  • Member, University of Ibadan Senate (2006 - ).


Prof. Lekan Oyeleye,

Dept. of English,

University of Ibadan,


Prof. Segun Ladipo,

Dept. of Philosophy,

University of Ibadan,


Dr. Wole Oyetade,

Dept of African Languages and Linguistics,

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