Prof. Fashina N.O.

Personal Profile Page

Prof. Nelson O. Fashina

B.A (Hons.) OSUA, M.A, Ph.D. (Ibadan)
Cornwall), Cert. in Post-modernism (Louisville)


Areas of Specialisation:

Postcolonial Literature, African, African American, Caribbean, Literary Theory, Cultural Studies, Drama, Poetry, Gender studies, Sacred Texts, Lit and the Mind, Creative Writing, Stylistics


Room 66, 1st Floor,
Main Building,
Department of English, Faculty of Arts.
University of Ibadan.


Email: [email protected]


Current Research Projects

i. Towards the Development of African indigenous Theory of Literature (Funded through the University of Ibadan Senate

   Research Grants)

ii. Dramatic Econo/Psychology of Personal Conflicts in Postcolonial Discourse: An Investigative Critique of Two Ghanaian

    Plays (Completed)

iii. Proverbs, Proverbials and Meaning:Towards a New Taxonomy of Reading Patriarchy in Achebe’s Things Fall Apar

     (Completed and presented at the International Conference on CONTEMPORARY PERSPECTIVES ON AFRICAN PROVERBS,

     at Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile Ife, Nigeria from 1st-5th August, 2006.

Current Publications

1. Fashina, Nelson (2005) “Lit-orature Development, World Peace and the Challenges of
Literary Theory /Criticism”.Journal of the Nigeria English Studies Association Vol.11, No.1.

2. Fashina, Nelson (1996) “Techniques of Language and Style in Advertisement”.
Effective English Usage for Tertiary Education Osinsanwo et al (eds); Greenline Publishers, Lagos, pp. 236-136.

3. Fashina, Nelson (1997, 2005) “Polemics, Ideology and Society: Osundare, Ofeimum
and Aig-Imoukhuede”. In Dasylva and Jegede (eds), Poetry in English. Sam Bookman, pp. 122-136. This book is revised and republished by Stirling Horden, Ibadan, 2005.

4. Fashina, Nelson (1998) gods at the Harvest (an African epic cultural play)
Atlantis Books: Ibadan Cultural Studies Group 137pp. *With performance text available in


5. Fashina, Nelson (1999) A Foliage in the Woods (an African Novel) Sam
Bookman, Ibadan: 156pp.

6. Fashina, Nelson (1999) “Transmigration of Oral Aesthetic Poetics in Wole
Soyinka and Okot p’Bitek’s Poetry: Comparative Paradigms”.Coping with Culture ed. Egbe Ifie, Opoturu Ibadan, pp.203-213.

7. Fashina, Nelson (2003) A Season of Harvest (an African epic performance
poetry) Ibadan Cultural Studies Group, 109pp *With performance text available in audiotapes.

8. Fashina, Nelson (2003) Lyrics of the River. Ibadan: Stirling-Horden, 56pp. (a
poetic farewell speech I was nominated to deliver on behalf of the Fulbright Scholars in Postmodernism at the Summer Institute University of Louisville, KY, USA, 2000, which is later published as a volume of dramatic poetry)

9. Fashina, Nelson (1992) “Paradigms of Linguistic Expatriation in Modern African
Dramaturgy. Review of English and Literary Studies. V ol.9, No. 1, pp.7 - 17.

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Study of Satire in Selected West African Drama”. Nigeria Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities. Vol.3, Nos.1 & 2.pp.222-233.

11. Fashina, Nelson (1996) “Deification or Assassination of Language: The
Linguistic Alienation in Wole Soyinka’s The Road”. Obitun: Journal of Humanities. Vol. 1, No1. pp.54- 68.

12. Fashina, Nelson (1995) “Text, Meaning and the Oral-Written Transmodal
Theory: A Postmodernist Praxis”. OSUA Studies in Language and
Literature (OSSIL). Vol. 1, No.1, pp.25-35

13. Fashina, Nelson (1997) “Contextual and Cultural Configurations in African
Drama”. Inquiry in African Language and Literatures.(RALL) Vol.2.pp. 11-23.

14. Fashina, Nelson (1997). “Categories of Mental Dissonance in Africa
Dramaturgical Text: A Psychoanalytical Criticism of Ama Ata Aidoo’s The Dilemma of Ghost. Journal of Educational and Humanistic Studies, Vol. 1, No. 1 April Issue, pp. 29-43.
15. Fashina, Nelson (1997) “ Feminist Theory, Criticism and the African Literary
Genocide”. Obitun: Journal of Humanities Vol.2, No. 2, pp.83-93.

16. Fashina, Nelson (1997) “From Early to Latter Works: Towards a Poetics of
Style and Content in Ngugi’s Writing”. JEHUS. Vol 2, No 3, October Issue, pp. 59-68.

17. Fashina, Nelson (1998) “The Quest for an African Dramatic Theory: Retrospect and
Prospects”. Journal of Educational and Humanistic Studies, Vol.3, No 1, (April Issue), pp. 59-72.

18. Fashina, Nelson (2000) “Feminist Theories and the Valorization of Female
Energy: A Post-Modernist Re-reading of Gabriel Okara’s The Voice”. Castalla. Vol.3. No.2, pp.208 - 225.

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Nigerian Poetic Discourse”.Research in African Languages and Literature (RALL), Vol.3, No.2, pp. 15-28

20. Fashina, Nelson (2002) “Ogun: Iron and Metallurgy, Global Technology and the
Modern Supernatural”,CONTEMPORARY DISCOURSE. 6pp.

21. Fashina, Nelson (1993) “From Alienation and Expatriation to Repatriation:
Categories and Principles in Modern African Drama” Research in English and Literary Studies (RELS MONOGRAPH SERIES, 18) Ed. Samuel Omo Asein, pp. 45.