Dr Lamidi M.T.

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Personal data

Dr. Mufutau Temitayo Lamidi

Birth date: 1965-02-04


Department of English

Faculty of Arts

University of Ibadan



  • University of Ibadan, Ibadan 1987-1991.  University of Ibadan, Ibadan 1994-1997.  University of Ibadan, Ibadan 1997-2003. 


  • B.A. English (Second Class Upper) UI 1991.

  • M.A. English (Language Emphasis) UI 1997.

  • PhD English UI 2003.



  • Assistant Lecturer: May 12 1997 to September 1999
  • Lecturer II: October 1999 to September 2002
  • Lecturer I: October 2002 to date

Courses Taught:

  • GES 101: Use of EnglishENG 102: Introductory English Grammar and Composition
  • ENG 201: Spoken English
  • ENG 202: Introductory English Phonetics & PhonologyENG 204: The English Language Yesterday and Today
  • ENG 205: Varieties of English
  • ENG 303: English Syntax and Lexis
  • ENG 304: Language and StyleENG 306: English Semantics
  • ENG 403: Studies in English Syntax
  • ENG 482: Project


  • The 24th West African Linguistic Conference held at the Conference Centre, University of Ibadan, from August 1-6, 2004.

Paper Read: Tense and Aspect in English and Yoruba.

  • ACCA Conference held in September 2004 at the Conference Centre, University of Ibadan

Paper Read: Linguistic Issues in Environmental Abuse

  • Nigerian English Studies Association Conference held at the University of Lagos, September 2004

Paper Read: Can Subject or Object Delete in Nigerian English

  • Nigerian English Studies Association Conference held at Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, from September 2005.

Paper Read: Reiteration in Nigerian English





In Progress:

  • Pronouns and Gender in an EL2 Situation.
  • Written Words and Spoken Cues in Computer-Mediated-Communication.
  • A Textlinguistic Study of SMS Messages in Nigeria.
  • Feature Checking In Yoruba-English Code-Mixing

Dissertation and Thesis:

  • Lamidi, M .T. (1991) - A Contrastive and Error Analysis of the Written English of Hausa Speakers Unpublished B.A. Long Essay, University of Ibadan, Ibadan.
  • Lamidi, M T. (1996) - A Contrastive Study of Aspects of Empty Categories in English and Yoruba Unpublished M.A Thesis, University of Ibadan, Ibadan.
  • Lamidi. M T. (2003) The Head Parameter and Grammaticality in Yoruba-English Code-switching among Undergraduates in Selected Nigerian Universities.Unpublished PhD Thesis.




  • Lamidi, M. T. (2000) Aspects of Chomskyan Grammar Ibadan, Emman Publications, 199 pages. Chapters in Books Already Published.
  • Lamidi, M.T. (2000) Language: Varieties and Contexts, in A.O. Babajide (ed) Studies in English Language Ibadan, Enicrownfit Publishers: 105-121.
  • Lamidi, M.T. ( 2002) A Pragmatic Analysis of Songs in Yoruba Invective Poetry, in S.T. Babatunde and D.S. Adeyanju (eds.) Language, Meaning and Society Papers in Honour of Prof. E.E. Adegbija Ilorin, Haytee Printing and Publishing Company: 255-274. 
  • Lamidi, M.T. (2004) Grammatical Features of Selected Registers of English in M. Alo and A. Ogunsiji (eds.) English Language Communication Skills for Academic Purposes Ibadan: GSP ; 188-209.
  • Lamidi M.T. (2004) The Generic Structure of Visitors' Notes in L. Oyeleye (ed) Language and Discourse in Society. Ibadan: Hope Publications; 127-140.

Articles that have already appeared in Learned Journals:

  • Lamidi, M. T. (1999) Nigerian Pidgin Orthography: A Preliminary Study, in Language Literature and Communication a Multi-Disciplinary Journal of the Arts Vol. 1 No 1: 17-30.
  • Lamidi, M.T. (2000) The Free Readers Association as a Speech Community, in CASTALIA A Journal of Multicultural and Multidisciplinary Studies vol. 5: 7-14 .
  • Lamidi, M.T. and T O. Ajongolo (2001) The Head Parameter in Yorulish Morphology, in IHAFA A Journal of African Studies vol. iv: 84-92.
  • Lamidi, M. T. (2000) Invectives in Yoruba Oral Poetry, in CASTALIA A Journal of Multicultural and Multidisciplinary Studies vol. 10 no. 1: 33-45.
  • Lamidi, M. T. (2002/2003) The Tone as a Negative Marker in Ijesa Sentences in Poznan Studies in Contemporary Linguistics vol. 38: 89-101.
  • Lamidi, M. T. (2004) The Scopal Authority of Heads in Yoruba-English Code-Switching, in Nordic Journal of African Studies vol. 13 (1): 76-94 www.njas.helsinki.fi.
  • Lamidi, T. (2004) Agreement Relations in English and Yoruba in IBADAN Journal of English Studies Vol. 1: 35-53.
  • Lamidi M. T. ( 2005) A Review of An Introduction to English Sentences by Bolaji Aremo in Poznan Studies in Contemporary Linguistics vol. 40: 245-247.
  • Lamidi, T. (2006) The Minimalist Program. In An Encyclopaedia of The Arts Vol. 4(2):92 -96.

Articles Accepted for Publication: Nil




  • Member, American Studies Association of Nigeria
  • Member, Nigerian English Studies Association


Prof. D.K.O. Owolabi,

Department of Linguistics and African Languages,

University of Ibadan,

Ibadan, Nigeria.

E-mail: [email protected]


Prof. A.L. Oyeleye

Department of English,

University of Ibadan,Ibadan, Nigeria

E-mail: [email protected]