Dr.(Mrs.) Andah L.B.





Louisa Bassey ANDAH

Academic and Professional Qualifications  

B.A (Nsukka) MCA(Ibadan) MA (Ibadan).


Lecturer II

Area of Specialisation



Office: Department of Communication and Language 




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    - Andah, L.B. (Forthcoming) ‘The Efik People’ in The Peoples of Nigeria  (ed) Valentine Olayemi.  

        - Andah L.B. (2008) Co-investigator. Community-directed interventions   

          for major health problems in Africa. A multi-country study.

     Final Report. Switzerland: UNICEF/UNDP/World Bank/WHO.

Major Conferences/Workshops/Seminars Attended and Papers Delivered  


  1. WHO Workshop on Media Advocacy for Sustained Treatment in Onchocerciasis Control held at UCH, Ibadan.

Paper Delivered:  The use of Television Programmes as a Means of Advocacy for the Control of Chronic Disabling Diseases.  October, 1998.

  1. World Archaeological Congress (WAC 4) held at University of Cape Town, South Africa.  January 1999.
  2. USAID/OTI (Training of Trainers) Workshop on Conflict Management in Nigerian Universities held at Conference Centre U.I.  December, 2000.
  3. UNDP Workshop on Drug Demand Reduction. Ibadan. 2-3 July, 2001.
  4. UNICEF Workshop on Media and Jingles held at the Conference Centre, University of Ibadan.

 Paper Delivered:  Media in the Promotion of Effective Social Messages: The Case of Broadcast Jingles.   2001.

        vi.   CEDPA’S (Training Of Trainers) WORKSHOP – Women’s

Leadership Programme (WLP) held at Conference Centre, University of Ibadan. 

Paper Delivered:  Developing CommunicationStrategies for Improved Reproductive Health among Female Students in the University of Ibadan.    March 2003.


  1. Workshop on Effective Handling of Sub-Degree students 

         and Resource Material Development for Distance Learning  

         Centre (DLC) Students.  December 2006.