Dr. Adegoke L.A.





Lawrence Adeyomola ADEGOKE

Academic and Professional Qualifications

B.A (Ibadan), M.A(Ibadan), Ph.D (Ibadan).


Lecturer I

Area of Specialisation



Office: Communication and Language Arts Department




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            Dissertation and Thesis:

(1) M.A. Dissertation - “Verbal and Non-Verbal Modes in Organisational 

Communication:  A Communication Audit of Radio Nigeria, Ibadan”

(2)  Ph.D Thesis – October  13, 2005.

Title: Perception of Prose Literature Texts and Reading Comprehension

    Performance of  Public Junior Secondary Schools (JSS) in Oyo                                

    State, Nigeria

Books or Chapters in Books Already Published

1. Adegoke, L.A. (1999) “Communication, Decision-Making, and

Problem-Solving Process in Organization”, in Ogunnika, O.(Ed.)  Industrialisation and National Development. Maiduguri: Department of Sociology, University of  Maiduguri, pp. 60 - 71.

2. Adegoke, L.A. (2001) “Indigenous Publishing in Nigeria: Problems

and Prospects” in Folarin, A.B. (Ed.) Topical Issues in Communication Arts and Science.  Ibadan:  Bakinfol Publications, Vol 1, pp.159-179.

3. Adegoke, L.A. (2001) “The Role of a Communication and Language

Arts Specialist in the Production of News and Current Affairs Programmes in a Radio Newsroom” in Folarin, A.B. (Ed.) Topical Issues in Communication Arts and Science..  Ibadan: Bakinfol Publications, Vol. 1, pp.87-100

4. Adegoke L.A (2000) Public Relations: Principles, Media and Methods.          

             Ibadan:Sulek-Temik Publishing Company  (Revised Edition 2009)

 5. Adegoke, L.A. (2001) The Children’s Dictionary, Ibadan: Up-Crown

                                 Publishers (Nigeria)

6. Adegoke, L.A. (2004) Psycholinguistic Fundamentals of Language Arts.   Ibadan: Distance Learning Centre, University of Ibadan.

Articles that have already appeared in Learned Journals

7. Adegoke, L.A.  (2008)  “Children’s Prose Literature Selection: Criteria Issues” Social Sciences and Humanities Review      Vol.3 pp. 88-97

8.  Ogundimu, F. Folu, Oyewo, Yinka Olusola and Adegoke, Lawrence (2007) “West African Journalism Education and the Quest for Professional Standards” Ecquid Novi. African Journalism Studies.  Vol 28, Nos 1 and 2 , pp. 191-197.   

9.  Ogunnika, Z.O. and Adegoke, Lawrence (2007) “New Diaspora: Black African Immigrants in American Society” Lincoln Journal of Social and Political Thought. Vol. 5, No.2, Fall, pp. 79-99.

10. Adegoke, L.A. (1999) “The Role of Communication in  Leadership Style Motivation”.  Sahel Analyst, Vol 3. No.1:  pp.120-126.

11. Adegoke, L.A. (2000) “Gate-Keeping Theory Perspectives in Book

Publishing , CASTALIA Vol. 3 No.1  pp.1-11

Books, Chapters in Books and Articles already accepted for publication

            Adegoke, L.A. (--) Introduction to Communication Skills: Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing. Submitted to Ibadan:  Sulek-Temik Publishing Company.


Technical Report and/or Monograph

Adegoke, L.A. (2000) “Editing As Quality Control in Book Publishing”. Monograph No. 35. Maiduguri: Faculty of Social and Management Sciences, University of Maiduguri.



42 News Commentaries on various topical issues, broadcast on Radio Nigeria, Ibadan, between August 1980 and October 1982.

Each News Commentary runs for about 5 minutes on Radio Nigeria,

Ibadan National Station.

1.   Topic: Training Scheme for Teachers, (30.7.1980) News Commentary discusses the importance of such a programme in the context of educational development in Nigeria.

2.   Topic:  The Situation in Zimbabwe, (2.8.1980) News commentary gives a background to the crisis of confidence between Robert Mugabe and Joshua Nkomo, and examines the effects on the country's political stability.

3.   Topic: The Need for Continued Industrial Peace, (7.8.1980) News Commentary examines measures taken by the new administration to improve living condition of workers to foster industrial peace and harmony.

4.   Topic: Tapping the Nations Tourist Attractions. (12.8.1980) News Commentary emphasises the need for an improved tourist industry in Nigeria.

5.   Topic: National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) New Service Scheme, (14.8.1980) News Commentary highlights areas that need urgent review to make the scheme achieve its objectives.

6.   Topic:  Local Government and Public Awareness, (27.8.1980) News Commentary emphasises the need to create greater awareness in members of the public towards local government activities.

7.   Topic:  Inter-University Cooperation, (4.9.1980) News Commentary stresses the importance of inter-university cooperation.

8.   Topic: The Return of ASUU members to the classroom, (5.9. 1980). News Commentary reviews the impact of the strike by the Academic Staff of Nigeria Universities on the Society.

9.   Topic:  Saving Nigerians from Starvation. (17.9.1980) News Commentary examines the significance of the measures.

10. Topic:  The ITF's Proposed Mobile Training Unit, (24.9.1980) News Commentary reviews the contributions of the Industrial Training Fund (ITF) towards the development of indigenous manpower in Nigeria.

11. Topic:  Evaluation of Progress: Oyo State, (14.10.1980) News Commentary takes a look at those areas of development that need urgent attention in Oyo State.

12. Topic:  United Nations Day, (24.10.1980) News Commentary reviews the purpose of the United Nations with its achievements and past achievements.

13. Topic:  Oyo State Budget ‘81, (18.12.1980) News Commentary appraises the latest shift in emphasis from education and health to rural integrated development by the government in the interest of development at the grassroots and to forestall incessant rural-urban drift.

14. Topic: Violence in the Nigerian Society, (16.1.1981) News Commentary reviews the spate of Violence in Nigeria and suggests how to curb it.

15. Topic: Prompt Payment of Bursaries to Nigerian Students Abroad,       (7.3.1981) News Commentary focuses the need to find a permanent solution to the financial problem facing Nigerian students abroad due to delay in the payment of the bursary awards.

16. Topic: Nigerians Abroad. (14.3.1981) News Commentary underscores the need for the government to show more concern for the welfare of Nigerians living abroad.

17. Topic:  Traditional Rulers and National Unity, (2.4.1981)  News Commentary examines the significance of the trip conducted by three traditional rulers to parts of the Federation to national unity.

18. Topic: Mass Literacy, (11.4.1981) News Commentary examines the importance of Mass Literacy to the overall development of Nigeria.

19. Topic: WAEC's and abolition of results grading, (21.4.1981) News Commentary examines the effects of this development on the educational system in Nigeria.

20. Topic: Aftermath of the Recent Industrial Action,  (19.5.1981) News Commentary appraises the aftermath of the industrial action and suggests how the government can ensure that workers actually benefit from enhanced service conditions to ensure industrial peace.

21. Topic:  Student Unrest, (22.5.1981) News Commentary examines the root causes of students' crises and offers suggestions on how to forestall them.

22. Topic: Diplomats and the Nation's interest, (3.6.1981) News Commentary emphasizes the need for diplomats to serve every Nigerian abroad without discrimination.

23. Topic:  Self Sufficiency in Rice Production, (15.7.1981) News Commentary appraises the prediction that Nigeria would be self sufficient in rice by 1985.

24. Topic:  Britain's Racial Riots, (18.7.1981) News Commentary takes a look at the race relations in Britain that has deteriorated resulting in loss of lives and destruction of property.

25. Topic:  OAU's Bid to Resolve the Nigeria/Cameroun Crisis (25.7.1981) News Commentary takes a look at OAU's mediation effort at resolving the crisis between Nigeria and Cameroun, and describes it as a welcome development.

26. Topic:  Nigeria and the Oil Glut.  (31.7.1981) News Commentary examines the effect of the oil glut on the Nigerian economy, and suggests how to douse the effects on projected capital investments

27. Topic:  Duplication of Local Governments and its disadvantages, (4.8.1981) News Commentary examines the Federal government's efforts to coordinate the creation of local government in Nigeria.

28. Topic:  The Need for Guidance and Counselling in Nigerian Schools, (28.8. 1981) News Commentary relates the Joint Admissions Matriculation Board's (JAMB) claim to the need for Guidance and Counselling in Nigerian Schools.

29. Topic:  A look at the situation in Iran.  (26.9.1981) News Commentary takes a look at the execution of 248 persons reportedly executed in Iran in a major offensive to curb activities of dissidents in the country.

30. Topic:  Efforts to Improve the Youth Corps Scheme, (10.9.1981) News Commentary reviews the federal government's efforts to improve the scheme.

31. Topic:  Duties of Career Ambassadors.  (18.9.1981) News Commentary focuses on the duties of the new Ambassadors.

32. Topic:  A look at the situation in Iran.  (26.9.1981) News Commentary takes a look at the execution of 248 persons reportedly executed in Iran in a major offensive to curb activities of dissidents in the country.

33. Topic:  Improving Nigeria's Image Abroad, (1.12.1981) News Commentary examines the need for Nigerians abroad to strive to improve the country's image by respecting the laws of their host countries at all times.

34. Topic:  Kwara State Budget  (18.1.1982). News Commentary appraises the money bill and its implications human, social and economic developments.

35. Topic:  Curbing the Circulation of pornographic materials, (21.1.1982). News Commentary examines the need to curb the circulation of obscene materials in the country.

36. Topic:  Improving Services in our Hospitals,  (29.1.1982). News Commentary examines the calls on the various governments to give adequate funds to teaching hospitals in Nigeria to enable them to provide effective health care services to the people.

37. Topic:  Delta Steel Plant.  (3.2.1982) News Commentary appraises the significance of the steel plant to Nigeria's industrial development.

38. Topic:  Breaking West African Examinations Council's (WAEC's) Monopoly.  (17.3.1982) News Commentary examines the need for an alternative body to WAEC for the conduct and prompt release of Senior Secondary School examination results.

39. Topic:  World Health Day.  (7.4.1982) News Commentary examines the significance of the day to humanity.

40. Topic:  Breaking Nigeria Airways' Monopoly. (14.4.1982) News Commentary examines the increasing demands that the monopoly of the Nigeria Airways should be broken so that there could be options for air travellers to chose from.

41. Topic:  Arms Race  (24.4.1982). News Commentary examines the need for halt to arms race which is constantly being encouraged by the super powers to the detriment of millions of people who are dying of starvation, ignorance and diseases all over the world.

42. Topic:  Nigerians and Foreign Bank Accounts.  (8.5.1982) News Commentary re-examines the craze by wealthy Nigerians to deposit their surpluses abroad to the detriment of the country's development.

Articles in Newspapers and Magazines

1.         "Press Freedom and the New Constitution", Nigerian Tribune, February 6, 1974.

2.         "The Man Who Teaches Reading":Sunday Sketch, 18th Dec. 1976.

3.         "The Birth of Language Arts" in The Language Artist, an Organ of the    Language Arts Klub,             University of Ibadan, May, 1979.

4.         "The Relationship between Persuasive Speaking and Advertising" in The Language Artist, An Organ of the Language Arts Klub, University of Ibadan,    May 1979.


CRIN-sponsored week-long Workshop for Personal Assistants and Confidential Secretaries, held at Cocoa Research Institute of Nigeria (CRIN), Ibadan on June 17, 1997.  Papers Presented:

(1)        "Handling of Confidential Matters"  OR "Ethics and Etiquette for The Secretary and The Boss".

(2)        "The Secretary, Organization and Communication".


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