Prof. Aderemi Raji-Oyelade

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1989-94: Ph.D. English; University of Ibadan, Nigeria.

Area of Specialisation


Office: Department of English

Faculty of Arts

University of Ibadan


Email [email protected]m

Current Research Projects

Dissertation: Reading Kinesis: Character Theory in the Black Novel – a

deconstructionist reading of the transformative and mobile capacities of the character in

representative novels of Wole Soyinka, Ralph Ellison, Bessie Head and Toni Morrison.

1985-86: M.A. English/Literature; University of Ibadan, Nigeria.

Research Thesis: Barakean Poetic Metamorphoses – a theoretical and close reading of

LeRoi Jones/Amiri Baraka’s poetry, 1958-1984.

1981-84: B.A. English (Second Class Upper) University of Ibadan, Nigeria


Comparative African Diaspora Literatures, Literary Theory, Creative Writing

and Cultural Studies


Department of English, University of Ibadan, Nigeria.African & African American Literatures, English Drama and Poetry, Literary Theory and Creative Writing; Lecturer II: effective 1995; Lecturer I: effective 1998; Senior Lecturer: effective 2001; Reader: effective 2004; Professor: effective October 1, 2007.

Research Fellow; Institute of Asian & African Studies, Humboldt University, Berlin, Germany; March 2006 – August 2007.

Department of English, Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Nigeria. English Romantic Poetry,

Literary Theory and Creative Writing; Lecturer II, 1994-1995.

Saint Andrew’s College of Education, Oyo, Nigeria. English Drama and Poetry, African Literature and Creative Writing; Assistant Lecturer: 1987-90; Lecturer III: 1990-93; Lecturer II: 1993-94.


  • Presentation: “Of proverbs, postproverbials + knowledge production in African studies.” Project: Thinking Africa + the diaspora differently: theories, practices, imaginaries; Centre for African Studies, University of Cape Town, South Africa; December 13 – 15, 2011.
  • Lead Speaker: “Reflections on the Nigerian Literary Imaginary in the Digital Age”; Literary Society of Nigeria Conference; Port-harcourt - November 9, 2011.

· Participant, 6th International Literary Festival, Book Forum, Lviv, Ukraine; September 13 – 19, 2011.

· Presentation: “Nigerian Literature: origins, traditions and modernities”. Universitat de Barcelona, Facultat de Geografia i Historia, Barcelona, Spain; February 1, 2011.

· Presentation: “Between dream and rage: the African experience in poetry”. Plus recitation, with Catalan poets. L’Horiginal, Barcelona, Spain; February 3, 2011.

· Participant, 12International Mediterranean Poetry Festival, Palma de Mallorca, Spain; May 31 – June 3, 2010.

· Presentation: “Mere hybridity or sheer profanity: the broken proverb text in African literature and film”. March 1, 2010: Humboldt University, Main Hall, Unter den Linden, Berlin, Germany; Conventions and Conversions: Generic Innovations in African Literatures, March 1-4, 2010.

· Presentation: "African proverbs at work: the aesthetics of instruction". November, 9, 2009: 18:00hr, Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Faculdade de Ciencias Socias e Humanas, Instituto de Estudos de Literatura Tradicional, Lisboa, Portugal;

· Guest Poet, Third International Mahalta Poetry Festival, Lleida, Spain; October 24-26, 2007.

· Participant, African Literature & Culture Series: New Trends in Creative Writing and the Media
in Nigeria (“Neue Trends bei der Schriftstellerei und bei den Medien in Nigeria”); Bayreuth University, Bayreuth, Germany; February 1, 2007.

· Participant, International “Poetry Days” Festival, Riga & Ventspils, Latvia; September, 12-16, 2006.

· Guest Writer, “Night of Poetry”, Institute of Asian and African Studies, Humboldt University, Berlin; May 23, 2006.

· Guest Speaker, Distinguished Lectures Series at the Department of English, Stockholm University, Sweden; May 10, 2005.

· Participant, 7th (Symposium Litteraire International Rencontre des PEN Afrique) Symposium on African Writing & Freedom of Expression, Organised by PEN International/Association des Écrivains Sénégalais, Dakar, Senegal; November 7-11, 2004.

· Guest Lecturer, Center for Society and Ideas, University of California, Riverside, CA, USA; October 21, 2003.

· Guest Lecturer, African-American Studies Program/International Center for Writing and Translation, University of California, Irvine, CA, USA; October 20, 2003.

· Resource Person, Africa Information Society Initiative Retreat, organized by United Nations Economic Commission for Africa/The Ford Foundation Addis Ababa, Ethiopia; June 14-17, 2003.

· Participant, Salzburg Seminar, Session 408/ASC 31 (Contemporary American Literature); Salzburg, Austria; April 02 – 09, 2003.

· Visiting Lecturer & Guest Writer, University of Nebraska at Kearney/Museum of Nebraska Art, Kearney, NB, USA; September 2002.

· Guest Lecturer, South African National Writers’ Conference, Pretoria, South Africa; June 2002.

· Fifth & Sixth Poetry Africa Festival, Durban, South Africa; May 2001 & 2002.

· Visiting Lecturer & Guest Writer, Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo, MI, USA; September 2001.



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Raji, Remi & Stephanie Zeiler “Washing Black Gold”, a multi-media installation/performance. Kunst8, in Braunschweig, Germany. September 8 – 10, 2007. (eine Performance zusammen mit artist und journalistin Stephi Zeiler bei Kunst8 in Braunschweig).


Undergraduate Courses

ENG 113: Prose Literature. This course involves the study of various forms of prose such as the novella, the epistolary, the travelogue, the psychological novel, etc and their illustrative texts in English drawn from different cultural and literary backgrounds.

A 3-units course with an average university class of 350, over 8 tutorial groups of not more than 40 students.

ENG 212: Forms of Literature: Poetry. This is a study of the various genres and forms of poetry and of their characteristic styles and themes from the period of Thomas Wyatt to the present.

A 3-units course with an average of 200 students.

ENG 213: Forms of Literature III: Drama. This is a 3-unit course which concentrates on the main themes, conventions, modes and social contexts of drama from the classical period to the present using illustrative texts by authors like Sophocles, Shakespeare, Pinter and Walcott. Average of 45 students.

ENG 316: English Drama. This is an analytic course on Renaissance and modern English drama, with special attention to Shakespeare and his contemporaries. Average of 50.

ENG 336: African-American Literature. The course focuses the social, political and intellectual factors that have shaped the works of writers of African descent in the United States. Average of 30.

ENG 350: Creative Writing (Intermediate). An intensive introduction to the nature and practice of writing as commitment and profession. It involves the study and parody of masterpieces. Average of 10.

ENG 368: Literary History & Discourse. This is an introductory course to the study of English literary tradition, ideas and criticism from Plato to Eliot. Average of 80.

ENG 434: Contemporary Theory & Practice. A systematic appraisal of contemporary critical thoughts about the literary object, the course is an extensive reading of structuralist, poststructuralist, Marxist, Freudian and feminist assumptions of literature. Average of 60.

ENG 445: Advanced Creative Writing. This course is practical in orientation and it demands specialisation in one of the major three genres of literature. Average of 6.

ENG 482: Project Writing. An independent essay of an extended length on a topic or author approved by the Department body of examiners. (I have supervised over 20 students in the past four years. The main areas of supervision are African/Postcolonial Literature, English Literature and the Literature of the Black Diaspora).

Postgraduate Courses Taught*

ENG 753: Literary History, Theory & Criticism (First Semester)

ENG 767 Studies in African Poetry (First Semester)

ENG 768 Comparative Literature of the Black Diaspora (Second Semester)

*Courses require students’ individual presentation of project or research findings. Each is a 30-hour course, an average of 20.

Postgraduate Supervision

ENG 795 Masters Essay: Supervision

SUPERVISION of M.Phil/Ph.D.: 10 candidates.

COURSES AND WORSKSHOPS (at Southern Illinois University)

* ENG 339: Poetry Writing in the So(u)lar System: Multicultural Literature

*Lectures & Workshops in Cultural and Social Diversity


2006: Book Shortlisted for the Wole Soyinka Prize for African Literature (Lovesong for my


2006-07 Georg Forster Fellow of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation, Humboldt University,

Berlin, Germany.

2005-06 Visiting Scholar, Centre of African Studies & Wolfson College, Cambridge University,


2004-05: Guest Writer to the City of Stockholm, Sweden.

2002-04: College & University Affiliation Program (CUAP) Grant, Southern Illinois University,

USA-University of Ibadan, Nigeria.

2003: Special Creative Writing Prize awarded by the African Information Society Initiative,

UNECA, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia; (for “A Poem for Practical Dreamers, or Dreams at


2002: Grantee, National Council for Arts & Culture, South Africa.

2002: Visiting Harry Oppenheimer African Scholar, Centre for African Studies University of

Cape Town, South Africa.

2001: Scholar-in-Residence, Department of English, Southern Illinois University at

Edwardsville, US.

2001: West African Research Center Travel Grant, Dakar, Senegal;

Fellow, Institute of Gender Studies, University of South Africa, Pretoria, South


2000: Recipient, The Ford Foundation (West Africa) Research Grant in Culture, Media &


1999: Summer Institute for International Professors and Scholars, Western Michigan

University, Kalamazoo, US.

1997: Association of West African Writers’ Award for Best First Published Book of the Year

(for A Harvest of Laughters).

1997: Association of Nigerian Authors-Cadbury Poetry Prize (for A Harvest of Laughters).


Participant, Joint Conference of the “African Studies Association in Germany (VAD)” and the “Swiss Society for African Studies (SGAS)” Freiburg i.B. and Basel: May 14th - 17th 2008. Paper Presented: “Postproverbial flows: routes to other media.”

African Literature Association.

Organizing Committee Member, The 34th Annual African Literature Association Conference; April 22 - 27, 2008.

First Colloquium of International Proverb Scholarship. Tavira, Portugal; (Member of the Scientific Committee; November 5-12, 2007. Paper Presented: “Classifying the Unclassified: The Challenge of Postproverbiality in International Proverb Scholarship.”

Participant & Fellow, 3rd Seminar of SSASAA (Salzburg Seminar American Studies Alumni Association), Austria; September, 7 – 10, 2006.

The Mid American Alliance for African Studies Conference, Kansas University, Lawrence, Kansas; Sept.

22-23 2004. Paper Presented: “Ethnic Imagination in the Nigerian Novel.”

The Mid American Alliance for African Studies Conference, Kansas University, Lawrence, Kansas; Oct. 3-5, 2003. Paper Presented: “Posting the African Proverb: A Grammar of Yoruba Postproverbials.”

Bridging the African Diaspora Symposium. University of Nebraska-Lincoln; 23-25 February 2001.

Paper Presented: “Phillis Wheatley’s Heiresses: The Notion of Being and Silence in African American and African Poetry.”

The Arts Council of the African Studies Association

Association of Nigerian Authors; (State Chairman 1997-2000; National Editor, ANA Review 2000)

American Studies Association of Nigeria; (Chairman, A.S.A.N University of Ibadan Branch)

The Premier Circle, University of Ibadan; (co-founder, 1997)

General Secretary, P.E.N. International (Nigerian Centre)

Coordinator, PAN (PEN African Centres), 2003-2006.


2012 - Dean, Faculty of Arts, University of Ibadan, Ibadan, Nigeria.

2011 -- 2012 Head, Department of English, University of Ibadan, Ibadan, Nigeria.

2009 – 2011 Acting Head, Department of English, University of Ibadan, Ibadan, Nigeria.

2008: Organizing Committee Member, ALA 2008 (Western Illinois University, Macomb, IL/

2007: Member of the Scientific Committee, First Colloquium of International Proverb

Scholarship. Tavira, Portugal.

2007-- Member, International Advisory Committee, Project on New African Literatures (PONAL)

2006 -- Member, Editorial Board of Matatu: Journal for African Culture and Society.

2003-04: Editor, Ibadan Journal of English Studies – official journal of the Department of English,

University of Ibadan, Nigeria.

2003-04: Sub-Dean, Postgraduate; Faculty of Arts, University of Ibadan.

2003: Member, University Postgraduate Sub-Committee on Guidelines for Writing Doctoral

Theses; (effective Nov. 2, 2003).

2001: Faculty Representative on University Computer Committee.

2000: External Moderator for Department of Modern European Languages, University of

Ilorin, NIGERIA; 1999/2000.

1999: Member, Editorial Board, University of Ibadan Abstracts (of Theses) Committee.

1997-99: Sub-Dean, Faculty of Arts; University of Ibadan, Ibadan, Nigeria.

1996-97: Member, University Senate Committee on General English Studies: GES.


2004: Member, National Jury, “Bridges of Struga” International Poetry Award; Appointed by the

Nigerian National Commission for UNESCO.

2003: Resource Person, “Africa Information Society Initiative”; Program of UNECA, the United

Nations Economic Commission for Africa; Addis Ababa, Ethiopia (June, 2003).

2001: United Nations Organization Nominee Poetry Coordinator (Nigeria) for the Program:

“Dialogue among Civilizations through Poetry” (March 2001).

2000: Resource Person, International Board on Books for Young People (IBBY), UNESCO-

Creative Writers Institute Project on Environmental Issues. Paper Presented: “Writing

Poetry for the Youth, or the Mechanics of Poetry: A Way of Knowing.” December 13,

2000. The Conference Center, University of Ibadan, Nigeria.

1997-2001: Resource Person, Joint Admissions & Matriculation Board (JAMB, Literature in English) for Nigerian Universities.

1996: Media Guest Lecturer (Broadcasting Corporation of Oyo State, Nigeria): English Language Laboratory program for Youth Development.

1987: Coordinator, Poetry Club, University of Ibadan, Nigeria.

1983-1984: Coordinator, Poetry Club, University of Ibadan, Nigeria.


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