Dr. Sunday Adesina Bukunmi


I (a) Name: Adesina Bukunmi Sunday

(b) Date of Birth
: 29 October, 1971

(c) Department:

(d) Faculty:

II (a) First Academic Appointment: Lecturer II, 20 August, 2010

(b) Present Position (with Date):
Lecturer I, 1 October, 2013


University Education (with Dates)

(a) University of Ibadan: 1997-2001

(b) University of Ibadan: 2003-2005

(c) University of Ibadan: 2005-2008


Academic Qualifications (with Dates and granting bodies):

(a) B.A. (Hons.) English 2001

(b) M.A. English Language 2005

(c) Ph.D. in English 2008

V Professional Qualifications and Diplomas (with Dates): NIL


Scholarship, Fellowships and Prizes (with dates) in respect of Undergraduate and Postgraduate Work only:

(a) Departmental Prize as the Best Graduating Student 2001

(b) University of Ibadan Postgraduate School Scholar 2005 - 2008

VII Honours, Distinctions and Membership of Learned Societies:

Member, Nigeria English Studies Association

Member, Linguistics Association of Nigeria

Member, Yoruba Studies Association of Nigeria


. Details of Teaching Experience at University Level:

(a) Tutorial Assistant (GES 101 –Use of English), General Studies Programme Unit, University of Ibadan, Nigeria (2003-2010)

(b) Teaching Assistant (GES 101 –Use of English), General Studies Programme Unit, University of Ibadan, Nigeria (2005-2007)

(c) Associate Lecturer (GES 101 –Use of English), General Studies Programme Unit, University of Ibadan, Nigeria (2010 to date)

(d) Associate Lecturer (GES 201 –Use of English II), General Studies Programme Unit, University of Ibadan, Nigeria (2013- to date)

(e) Lecturer, Department of English, University of Ibadan, Nigeria (20 August, 2010 to date)

Courses Taught

Undergraduate Courses:

ENG 102: Introductory English Grammar and composition (3Units) 2010 to 2012

ENG 103: A Survey of the English Language (3 Units) 2010 to 2012

ENG 201: Spoken English (3 Units) 2010 to date

ENG 202: Introductory English Phonetics and Phonology (3 Units) 2010 to date

ENG 302: English Phonology (3Units) 2010 to date

ENG 303: English Syntax and Lexis (3 Units) 2010-2012

ENG 305: The English Language in Nigeria (3Units) 2010-2012

ENG 306: English Semantics (3 Units) 2010-2012

ENG 402: English Suprasegmental Phonology (3 Units) 2010 to date

ENG 403: Studies in English Syntax (2 Units) 2010 to date

Postgraduate Courses:

ENG 744: Sociolinguistics (2 Units) 2016

ENG 748: Research Methods (2 Units) 2010 to date

ENG 749: Seminar Presentation (2Units) 2010 to date

ENG 780: Advanced Syntax (3 Units) 2010-2015

ENG 781: Advanced Phonology (2 Units) 2010-2012

ENG 784: Discourse Analysis (2 Units) 2010 -2012

ENG 791: Contrastive Linguistics (2 Units) 2010 to date



I have supervised 26 B.A Long Essays; 41 M.A Projects; and 5 PhD theses.


Experiences/Community Services:

(a) Member, Departmental Time-Table Committee, 2009- 2012

(b) Departmental Representative, Faculty of Arts Environmental and Estate Committee, 2010-2011

(c) Deputy Coordinator, Staff/Postgraduate Student Seminar Series, 2010-2011, 2013-to date

(d) Coordinator, Staff/Postgraduate Student Seminar Series, 2011- 2013

(e) Marketing Editor Ibadan: Journal of English Studies 2011-2012

(f) Departmental Deputy Coordinator, Distance Learning Programme 2011-2014

(g) Course Supervisor of GES 101 & GES 201, 5 December, 2012-1 February, 2016

(h) Member, Departmental Finance Committee, 2012- 2014

(i) Member, GSP Committee/Board of the Senate, 5 December, 2012- 1 February, 2016

(j) Coordinator, English Proficiency Programme 2016

VII. Research:

Long Essay, Dissertation and Thesis

(i) Sunday A.B. 2001. The Application of Phonological Rules in Nigerian English: A Case Study of the Speech Forms of the Students of the Faculty of Arts
University of Ibadan, Ibadan B.A. Long Essay, University of Ibadan, Nigeria.

(ii) Sunday A.B. 2004. Compound and Phrasal Stress(es) in Educated Yoruba English M.A. Dissertation, University of Ibadan, Nigeria

(iii) Sunday A.B. 2008. Phonological Description of Bilingual Nigerian Adult Aphasics. Ph.D Thesis, University of Ibadan, Nigeria.

VIII. Publications

(a)Book already published:

(1) Sunday A.B and Ofoegbu M. (2010). Oral English Simplified. Ibadan: Myke Hill Global. ISBN: 978-978-49373-0-6. Pages: 137.

(2) Sunday A.B. (2011). Speech Writing. Lagos: NOUN. ISBN: 978-058-587-7. Pages: 205.

(3) Sunday A.B. (2011) A survey of the English Language. Ibadan: Distance Learning Centre, UI. Pages: 132

(4) Sunday A.B. (2011) English Suprasegmental Phonology. Ibadan: Distance Learning Centre, UI. Pages: 145.

(b) Edited book

(5) Sunday A.B. Ed. (2011). Corruption, democracy and good governance in Nigeria: a book of reading. Saki: Real Success Consults.
ISBN: 978-31064-1-8. Pages: 280

(c) Chapters in Books:

(6) Sunday A. and A. Ogunsiji. (2004) “Grammatical units”. Alo M.A. and Ogunsiji A. Eds. English Language communication Skills: For academic purposes. Ibadan: GSP University of Ibadan. Pp. 130-159. .

(7) Sunday A. (2005) “Introductory Metrical Phonology”. Olateju M. and Oyeleye L. Eds. Perspectives on language and literature. Ife: OAU Press.
Pp. 25-36.

(8) Sunday A.B. (2009) “Concord and Agreement”. Oyeleye L. Ed. Use of English: A tertiary coursebook: Ibadan: Agbo Areo Publishers. Pp 58-81.

(9) Sunday A.B. (2009) “Adverbs and Adverbials”. Oyeleye L. Ed. Use of English: A tertiary coursebook: Ibadan: Agbo Areo Publishers. Pp

(10) Sunday A.B. and Akindele H.O.F (2010) The Pragmatics of Spousal Communication: The Case of Vanguard’s Mr and Mrs Cartoon Series. In Ogunsiji
A., Kehinde A. and A. Odebunmi (Eds.) Language Literature and Discourse: A Festchrift in Honour of Prof. A.L Oyeleye. Lincolm Europa. Pp.

(11) Sunday A.B. (2012). Forms and Functions of other Grammatical Units. English Grammar and Usage: a Textbook for GES 101: Use of English 1.
M.T. Lamidi (Ed.) Ibadan: GSP University of Ibadan. Pp. 91-105.

(12) Sunday A.B. (2012) Standard English Segmentals and Suprasegmentals. English in the Theological Context. Odebunmi A. and Alo M. Eds. Ibadan:
Baptist Press. Pp.455-483.

(13) Sunday A.B. (2013). Sakara music and presentation of life issues: A critical discourse analysis of Yusuf Olatunji’s Yegede. In Simon P. and
Szabo T. Eds.Music: Social Impacts, Health Benefits and Perspectives. New York: Nova Publishers. 199-216.

(c)Articles that have already appeared in learned journals:

(14) Sunday A.B. (2008) “Compound Stress in Educated Yoruba English”. Papers in English and Linguistics, 9:40-58 (Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-

(15) Sunday A.B. (2009) “Ideologies on display: a Nigerian Election Petition Tribunal Ruling”. California Linguistic Notes. Volume xxxiv No. 2
Spring. Pp 1-21.

(16) Sunday A.B. (2010) The suprasegmentals of bilingual Nigerian adult aphasics. SKASE Journal of Theoretical Linguistics vol.
7, no. 2 Pp. 39-66.

(17) Sunday A.B. and Ogunsiji A. (2010). “Classical versus Generative Phonology.” Ife Studies in English Language Vol.8, No1 Pp 1-9. (Obafemi
Awolowo University, Ile- Ife.

(18) Sunday A.B. (2010). “Phrasal stress in Nigerian English”. Papers in English and Linguistics, 11:234-253. (Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-

(19) Sunday A.B. (2011).“Verbal assault in Fu´jì music: The case of Sikiru Ayinde Barrister and Kollington Ayinla” Journal of Pragmatics 43:5. Pp
1403- 1421

(20) Sunday A.B (2011). Compound stress in Nigerian English. English Today, 27, Issue 3: pp 43-51 doi:
10.1017/S026607841100037X .

(21) Sunday A.B (2011). Language of Confessional Autobiography: A Stylistic Appraisal of Emmanuel Eni’s Delivered from the Powers of Darkness. LUMINA. Vol. 22 No. 2. Pp. 237-245.

(22) Sunday A.B. (2012). A functional linguistic analysis of Yoruba translation of English news broadcast. Yoruba: Journal of Yoruba Studies Association of Nigeria. Vol. 7:1 Pp 214-243.

(23) Sunday A.B. (2013). Constraints ranking among Bilingual Nigerian Adult Aphasics. International Journal of English Linguistics Vol. 3. No. 1
doi: 10.5539/ijel.v3n/p46

(24) Sunday A.B. and Oyeleye L. (2013). Relevance-Based Analysis of Aphasic Speech. Studies in Literature and Language 6(1) 99-106. DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.3968/j.sll.1923156320130601.2243.

(25) Sunday A.B. (2013) Segmental Phonology of Bilingual Nigerian Adult Wernicke’s Aphasics. World Journal of English Language 3(1) Pp. 50-61 doi:
10.5430wjel.v3nlp50 .

(26) Sunday A.B. (2013) The Segmentals of Bilingual Nigerian Adult Broca’s Aphasics. International Journal of Applied Linguistics & English Literature Vol 2 No. 3 Pp. 83-94. doi.org/10.7575/aiac.ijalel.v.2n.3p.83.

(f) Books, Chapters in Books and Articles Already Accepted for Publication: NIL

(g) Technical Reports and Monographs: NIL


. Major Conferences Attended with Papers Read (in the last 5 years):

(a) PHEA-ETI Workshop on Moodle Development. Held at Leisure Spring Hotel, Osogbo, Osun State, 23-26 February, 2011.

(b) 2nd Biennial Faculty of Arts International Conference

Paper presented: ‘The pragmatics of hate speech in the 2015 Nigerian presidential election campaigns’

(c) Nigeria English Studies Association (NESA) Conference at Federal University Lokoja, Kogi State, 26-29 October, 2015

Paper presented: ‘Intonation Patterns of the English of Nigerian Primary School Teachers’


Adesina Bukunmi Sunday