Dr Adedokun R.A.






Remi Ademola ADEDOKUN


Academic and Professional Qualifications

Dip., B.A, M.A, Ph.D (Ibadan





Area of Specialisation

Management, History and Theatre Arts Production



Theatre Arts, University of Ibadan, Ibadan, Nigeria.


Tel: +234(0)

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Research Projects/Activities


In progress:

  1. Unibadan Theatre Museum and Library: The annexing of the Varsity Amphitheatre to the Department of Theatre Arts challenged Dr. R.A. Adedokun to embark on another innovative research venture titled UNIBADAN THEATRE MUSEUM AND LIBRARY (2009).
  2. The Ivory Tower Playhouse: Is another experimental research work in theatre presentation specially conceived as a patriotic support for the University’s newly established Radio Station – Diamond F.M. 101.1 The Playhouse is producing over five different programmes of varying durations of 5”, 15”, 30”, 1 hour etc. Among the programmes are “Breakfast Theatre”, “Farmers” Forum”, “Yoruba Drama”, “Market Square” etc. A total of over thirty six episodes (36) have been recorded and over twenty (20) transmitted as at the time of writing (April 2010).


Dissertation and Thesis

  1. “The Nigerian Travelling Theatre: A sociological and Management Survey”. (M.A. dissertation, University of Ibadan, 1981).
  2. The Arts Theatre, University of Ibadan, 1955-1985: A study of the Origin and Development of a Theatre Centre in an African University. (Ph.D) Thesis, University of Ibadan, 1993).



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