I. a) Name: ADEKOYA, Julius Sunday (Venerable)


b) Department: Religious Studies

c) Faculty: Arts


II. a) Present Appointment with Date: Lecturer I, October, 2005


III. Membership of Learned Societies

a) Member, Project for Christian-Muslim Relations in Africa

g) Member, African Association for the Study of Religion

h) Member, American Studies Association of Nigeria, University of Ibadan Branch, Ibadan

i) Member, Ecumenical Association of Third World Theologians (EATWOT)

j) Member, National Association for the Study of Religions and Education (NASRED)

k) Member, Nigerian Association for the Study of Religion

l) Member, West African Association of Theological Institutions (WAATI)

m) Member, Interfaith Federation for World Peace (IFWP)

n) Member, Nigerian Folklore Society


IV. Research



i) “The Need for Affective Approach to the Teaching and Study of Religious Education in Nigerian Secondary Schools” – (1997), B.Ed. Long Essay

ii) “Sharia Law in Yoruba Society: Theories, Practices, Problems and Prospects” – (1998), M.A. Dissertation (1998)

iii) The Role of Music in Promoting Islam in Yorubaland,” Ph.D. Thesis (2005)


b) In Progress

i) The Kingdom of God and the Will of Allah: A Program for Social Justice for Muslims and Christians.

ii) Critical Issues in Muslim-Christian relations in Nigeria: Theoretical, Practical and Dialogical.

iii) Interfaith Dialogue on Communication for Non –Violence and Sustenance of Democracy in Nigeria.


V. Some Publications

i) Articles in Journals

a) Adekoya, Julius. (2004) “Islamic Fundamentalism in Yorubaland and the Impact of the Explosion of Pentecostalism” in Tradition and Compromises: Essays on the Challenge of Pentecostalism. Aquinas Day Series 2, the Michael J. Dempsey Centre for Religious and Social Research, Dominican Institute, Ghana, pp.18-36


b) J.S. Adekoya (2004) “West Africa and Islam: What every Christian should know” in Orita Ibadan Journal of Religious Studies, Vol. xxxvi/1&2; pp. 153-155.


c) J.S. Adekoya (2005) “The Quasi-Religious Nature of Sport in a Multi-religious Society” in Ibadan Journal of Physical and Health Education, Vol.7, pp.95-101.


  1. J.S. Adekoya (2008) “Thematic Study of songs that promote Islamic Teachings in Yorubaland” in Orita Ibadan Journal of Religious Studies, Vol. XL/2; pp. 103-127.

  1. Technical Reports / Monograph Already Published

a.) Adekoya, J. S. (2004) Comparative Concepts and Hermenutics in Christian and Muslim Scriptures, Ibadan: The Centre for External Studies, University of Ibadan, Ibadan; 103 Pages.


VI. Some Conferences and Workshops Attended with Papers Read: .

  1. Inter-Religious Dialogue Commission of the Association of the Episcopal Conferences of Anglophone West Africa (AECAWA) in Accra, Ghana, 7th to 10th,October, 2002). The title of the paper read: “Religion, Violence and Peace in West Africa”.

  2. Annual Peace Day Conference of Interfaith Network Project, 2003. The title of the paper presented: “Leadership and the Power of Belief: Key Factors in the Reformation of Nigeria”

  3. Inter-Religious Dialogue Commission (IRDC) Conference on “Educating for Dialogue: Rapport with our Muslims and Afrelists Brethren,” August 2004, O.O.U., Ago-Iwoye.

  4. Association for the Study of Religion Conference, Lagos 2005 theme: “Social Change and the Nuclear Family ’’. The title of the paper presented: “Christians and Inter-religious Marriage”