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Sofela Babatunde||University of Ibadan


Babatunde SOFELA



Academic and Professional Qualifications

B.A(Ibadan), M.A(Ibadan),M.A (latin American Studies) london),Ph.D(Ibadan).

Area of Specialisation




Department of History, University of Ibadan, Nigeria.


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Research Projects/Activities



  1. The Contribution of the Egba to Political Development in Nigeria: 1830-1960
  2. Sources of African-Negro Cultural Studies
  3. A review of Toyin Falola and Dare Oguntomisin:  The Military in Nineteenth Century Yoruba Politics (University of Ife Press, 1984).
  4. Problems of Effective Politics of Income Distribution in Latin America.
  5. Ethnicity and Decolonisation in the British Carribean.


In Progress

  1. A history of the African Diaspora: This work was started in October 2001. It is a work on the diaspora experience of African including the often-neglected pre Trans Atlantic Slave trade period.  The thrust of this work is to add a new dimension in the treatment of the African Diaspora, as we enlarge it to emphasize the non-trans-Indian, trans-Saharan foci and severe African diaspora from the traditional slave trade initiated only syndrome.  Voluntary diaspora manifestations is given prominent attention.  One of the political strength of the work is the insight it gives to the conceptual foundation of African Diaspora.
  2. “The story so far”: The chapter on the conceptual insights into the African diaspora, the nature of African diaspora, which are the basis of a novelty on African doaspora studies have been completed.  The remaining part yet to be completed is “The Asian factor in the African Diaspora.


Dissertation and Thesis

  1. “Conflict and Compromise in nineteenth century Yorubaland: A Case Study of Egba-Ijebu Relations”. M.A. Dissertation, 1981, University of Ibadan
  2. “The Role of Great Britain in the Abolition of Slavery in Brazil, 1856-1888”.  M.A. Dissertation, 1986, University College, London.
  3. “A Comparative Study of the Emancipados in the Slave Societies of Brazil and Cuba in the nineteenth century”, Ph.d Thesis 2004 University of Ibadan.



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