Dr. Adeyinka A.






Adetilewa Toyin ADEYINKA (Nee Somade)


Academic and Professional Qualifications

B.Ed (Ife), M.Ed (Ibadan), Ph.D (Leeds)





Area of Specialisation

Costumier and Make-up artiste



Department of Theater Arts, University of Ibadan, Ibadan, Nigeria.


Tel: +234(0) 8034549594

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Research Projects/Activities


In progress:

  1. 2010 Alalefiwe /whose like unto thee (a music album to be released next year)
  2. 2009 “Make up Made Easy” (A comprehensive guide to Stage, Bridal and Everyday Make up. This includes photographs and illustrations)
  3. 2008 Bad Tooth (Menace of Cultism)


Dissertation and Thesis

  1. 1997 “Function of Apepe Music in Ijebu Imomo” BA Hons)
  2. 1999  â€œMusic in Contemporary Yoruba Theatre: A case study of Duro Ladipo’s Oba Koso”


Publications (see example below)

  1. 2004 Adetilewa, T. Adeyinka, Africa music: A Sociology review CASTALIA: Ibadan Journal of Multicultural and multidisciplinary Studies, Vol. 19 No. 1, University of Ibadan.
  2. 2006 Adetilewa, T. Adeyinka, Duro Ladipo’s Oba Koso: A Musico-Textual Analysis Ibadan Journal of Theatre Arts, Vol. No 1, Department of Theatre Art, University of Ibadan.
  3. 2010   Adeyinka, Toyin Adetilewa, Communication Through Music: A Study of Apepe Music in Ijebu Imomo Bloomington Xlibris Corporation.1663 Liberty Drive Suite 200. Indiana. U.S.A